Analysis – ADDIE

Needs Analysis:
The purpose of this course module is to educate students on the environmental problem of Ocean Acidification. The specific behaviors that produce this situation, namely man-made pollution, will be explored. Students will also be educated toward an understanding and appreciation for the inter-dependency all life shares on this planet. By the end of this course, students will understand and value the importance of how changes in the ocean ecosystem affect marine and human life.

Task Analysis:
The attached flow chart diagram illustrates the paths of instruction for this learning module. The actual flowchart was created in Popplet and can be viewed here:

Learner Analysis:
This instruction is developed with high school students as the targeted age group. NC Common Core 8th grade science education includes Earth/Environmental Science courses. An example of course material from the NC Essential Standards website: “Analyze the impacts that human activities have on global climate change (such as burning hydrocarbons, greenhouse effect, and deforestation)”, and “Attribute changes in Earth systems to global climate change (temperature change, changes in pH of ocean, sea level changes, etc.).” Students will have been introduced to the concept of Ocean Acidification, but within a broader lesson plan.

Learning Objectives:
At the end of this instructional module a student should be able to:

  • Define Ocean Acidification.
  • Describe how scientists are able to measure the acidity of ocean water.
  • Explain how excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere affects seawater.
  • Understand how human-caused ocean acidification impacts marine life.

Delivery Method:
An  e-learning module will be created. Slides will include educational  content that is supported with quizzes, videos and drag-drop interactions.